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Surveys, telephone and Skype interviews, desk research and observation are used in order to conduct a comprehensive 

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Nicki Dennis  

NICKI HAs worked WITH AND for all sizes and types of organisations – let HER share HER experience


Consulting Solutions for Technical and Professional Publishing

We are a consulting group active in the technical information development sector. 

We offer the following sorts of services -

  • Business case development for new information products
    • Management of out-sourced administration functions
    • Market research and marketing plans for new and current information products, especially web based and technically focused ones
    • Project management through to delivery including the planning and specifying of any information and knowledge based project
    • List management and acquisitions for academic books and journals, from short term list-sitting to full strategic overhaul
    •  World class organisational skills will help get, and keep, your projects on track


  • Project and list management
  • Facilitation of best practices
  • Strategic consulting



PUBLISHING   STANDARDS    project management 

Company info

Clear communication and reporting style that you can adapt for your organisations needs

No compromise on quality for speedy results


  • Editorial support services
  • Business case development
  • Market research

No conflicts of interest between clients

Complete confidentiality

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